The GIC voted on March 5, 2014, for an overall 1.0 percent rate increase for all employee and Medicare plans for fiscal year (FY) 2015,  the lowest rate increase in over 10 years. The enrollment-weighted average rate change for state and municipal enrollees in FY15 is 1.0% (non-Medicare and Medicare combined) and 1.4% (non-Medicare only).  Individual plan rate changes vary.  The enrollment-weighted average takes current GIC enrollment and looks at how much higher premiums will be for these enrollees in FY15 compared to their current premiums.  It therefore gives a greater weight to health plans with higher enrollment.

These rates are the result of an innovative program called Centered Care which seeks to change how health care is delivered and paid for.  The GIC’s Centered Care program puts Primary Care Providers in a central role in patients’ health care coordination and engages providers and health plans in managing health care dollars more efficiently.

Full Cost State Rate Increases and Decreases by Plan xls format of FY15_state_ratechangesFY15.xls

Full Cost Municipal Rate Increases and Decreases by Plan xls format of FY15_municipal_ratechangesFY15.xls

State or Municipal

Mayor Dolan Lauds Commission on Excellent Rate News

“It is without question that the sound, forward thinking leadership of the GIC has saved, once again, thousands of jobs for cities and towns across Massachusetts.  With these historically low increases this is a game changer to preserving and advancing the services that citizens rely on and deserve!”

GIC Commissioner, Robert J. Dolan, Mayor, City of Melrose
March 5, 2014

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.