Help is a Phone Call Away

The recent tragic deaths of two Boston Fire Fighters, a Plymouth Police Officer, and the upcoming anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings has resulted in many of us experiencing grief responses and the retriggering of feelings from a year ago. Grief responses can include feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, mood swings and exhaustion. It is normal to re-experience stress responses regarding the anniversary of a traumatic event.

For most of us these feelings will pass. Talking about your feelings, practicing stress management, and paying attention to your physical health are healthy ways to cope with loss and grief. If you begin to feel overwhelmed and your symptoms do not lessen or go away, it’s important to get support.   GIC members in Tufts Navigator, Tufts Spirit or any of the UniCare State Indemnity Plans, can call Beacon Health Strategies at 855-750-8980 to access the help and support you need. Other GIC members, contact your health plan to access your mental health benefits. 

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.