Affected GIC Members

Most GIC members pay their premiums through payroll or pension deduction.  Some members, including those on COBRA, are billed for their premium.  Some state survivors, employees on leave without pay, and those with a missing payroll deduction also are billed directly for their premiums. 

What This Means to Those on Direct Bill

The bill will look different and will have the following changes:

  • One bill instead of three – if you have basic life and health, long term disability and dental/vision or retiree dental coverage, you used to receive three separate bills.  Now, you will receive a single bill with the different coverage and payment amounts itemized.  This new bill will be easier to understand and includes security enhancements to protect your confidentiality.
  • New P.O. Box – The P.O. Box for bill payments will change and the consolidated bill will make it easier to use online banking for bill payments.  See the new bill for details.
  • How payments are applied – be sure to review how your payments are applied; this is outlined on the statement.  Current charges are paid off first, followed by basic life insurance, health insurance, optional life insurance, Long Term Disability, Dental/Vision, Retiree Dental, and overdue balances.  It’s important to keep your premium payments up-to-date to avoid termination of coverage.

When the Changes Will Occur

Employees and retirees on direct bill will be mailed the new bill on the first of February, and survivors will be mailed the new bill at the beginning of March. 

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.