The GIC embarked on a customer service survey to elicit input from all GIC members regarding their opinions about their GIC health insurance benefits.  Over 222,000 surveys were distributed at the end of March 2014 via email and mail.  Almost 17,000 responses were received and the response rate from retirees was particularly high.  The overall response rate was 7.5%.  State retirees’ response rate was 12.39% and municipal retirees’ response rate was 8.26%.  State employees responded at the median rate of 7.5%; municipal employees’ response rate was 1.8%.

Key findings:

  • Retirees are “very satisfied” with GIC health benefits and employees are “satisfied
  • Retirees are “very satisfied” with the GIC’s Customer Service Unit. Employees, who have on-site GIC Coordinators, do not contact the GIC’s Customer Service Unit as frequently.
  • The GIC Benefit Decision Guide is the most frequently used resource for Annual Enrollment information.

For survey results, see the 2014 Member Survey Results Presentation  ppt format of 2014_member_survey_results.ppt
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This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.