On Tuesday, October 9, the GIC issued its all-health plan procurement (RFR file number: GIC PND1301) for coverage effective July 1, 2013.  This is part of the GIC’s normal contracting process, but will receive added visibility as the GIC seeks to implement key components of The Health Care Payment Reform law, which passed this summer.  As outlined in the fall issue of For Your Benefit news, the law encourages adoption of new ways of paying for care and increases price transparency.  It encourages a shift from the old fee for service model to new payment models that emphasize coordinated care and a focus on primary care.  We are anticipating a lively bidding process and the selection of health plans that will work with us to achieve these goals.
Although benefits, plan options, and rates for the next fiscal year will not be known until late winter, here are some possible ways GIC members might be affected by the all-health plan procurement:

  • Experience improved quality of care through better care coordination;
  • Realize stabilized and reduced annual health insurance premium increases;
  • Keep copay and deductible levels where they are now;
  • Continue to offer a choice of plan options and providers;
  • More transparency to help you choose the best doctors and best prices.

Before the spring annual enrollment period of April 10 – May 8, 2013, you will receive additional details about your plan options, rates, and other final details.  We look forward to continuing to move Massachusetts health care forward.


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This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission.