The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) was established by the Legislature in 1955 to provide and administer health insurance and other benefits to the Commonwealth's employees and retirees, and their dependents and survivors. The GIC also covers housing and redevelopment authorities' personnel, participating municipalities, and retired municipal employees and teachers in certain governmental units.

Health coverage options include an Indemnity plan, Point of Service (POS) plans, Preferred Provider-type Organizations (PPOs), an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), and several HMO plans. As part of its UniCare state indemnity and active employee Tufts Health plans, it manages mental health/substance abuse benefits and also manages pharmacy benefits for the indemnity plans. For active state employees only, the GIC offers a long term disability (LTD) program, two pre-tax employee programs - Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) and Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP), and for managers, legislators, legislative staff and certain Executive Office staff, a dental/vision plan. The GIC offers a discount vision plan for Commonwealth retirees and a dental plan for state and certain municipal retirees

The Group Insurance Commission is a quasi-independent state agency governed by a seventeen-member Commission appointed by the Governor. Commission members encompass a range of interests and expertise including labor and retirees, the public interest, the administration, and health economics.

The GIC’s FY2017 appropriation is $2.1 billion. There are currently over 250,000 enrollees and over 436,000 people covered by the GIC. 

Roberta Herman, M.D., Executive Director


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