• State Board of Retirement (Treasury)

    Retirement benefit information for current employees, retirees and employers.
  • Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System (MTRS)

    The Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System is the largest of the Commonwealth's 106 contributory retirement systems. They provide retirement, disability and survivor benefits to more than 88,000 active educators and 47,000 retirees.
  • Deferred Compensation SMART Plan

    Participating in the Massachusetts Deferred Compensation SMART Plan may help provide a more comfortable and secure financial future. The Plan is established under the Internal Revenue Code Section 457 which allows eligible employees to save and invest before-tax dollars through salary deferrals.
  • Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC)

    The Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC) was created for and is dedicated to the oversight, guidance, monitoring, and regulation of the Massachusetts Public Pension Systems.
  • Retiree Health and Other Insurance Benefits (GIC)

    Health and other insurance benefits for state retirees.
  • Veterans' Pension Program

    The Pension Program provides elderly veterans or eligible spouses with assistance in applying for VA Non-Service Connected Pensions and/or Chapter 115 benefits.
  • Post Retirement Employment

    A person who has been retired and who is receiving a pension, disability pension or retirement allowance from the Commonwealth, or from any county, city, town or district may be employed in the service of the Commonwealth for up to 960 hours in the aggregate in any calendar year.
  • Tax Information (DOR)

    Whether you are receiving a pension from a public or private entity, there are important tax procedures that must be followed.
  • Retirement Decisions

    Decisions on appeals of state and municipal retirement board and Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission actions on public employee retirement benefits.