Updated December 30, 2014

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Q) Why do employees need Long Term Disability ( LTD )?

A) LTD is an income replacement program for those employees who become disabled and are unable to work. Common disability reasons include injury, recuperation from surgery, major illness, and mental health issues. LTD helps you pay your mortgage, rent, and other bills and debt obligations when you don't have a salary coming in.

Q) What will I receive as a benefit if I'm an LTD member and become disabled?

A) You will receive 55% of your earnings up to a maximum of $10,000 per month on a tax free basis. The benefit will be offset by other income sources, such as Social Security Disability and Worker's Compensation.

Q) What if my other income offsets result in a zero dollar benefit?

A) The minimum monthly benefit, regardless of offsets, will be $100 or 10% of your gross monthly benefit amount, whichever is greater.

Q) I have accumulated sick time, why would I need the Long Term Disability ( LTD ) program?

A) The LTD program's benefits begin after a 90-day waiting period. During the 90-day period, you may wish to use your sick time. After that time, if you have been approved for the benefit and you still have sick time you can use up the remainder of your sick time and collect the minimum benefit. Or, you can elect to not use your sick time and collect the maximum benefit:


Monthly salary $1,200 per month
Gross monthly benefit $1,200 x 55% = $660 per month
Less Workers Compensation -$300
net Monthly Benefit $360

Q) How do I file an LTD claim?

A) We encourage you to notify Unum, the LTD carrier, of your claim when you have been out of work for 45 days. Call Unum at 1.877.226.8620 to initiate your claim. The claim form Unum will send you includes sections that you, your physician and agency's GIC Coordinator must complete before mailing or faxing it back to Unum.

Q) I am a current LTD member, but have a pre-existing condition. Can I file a LTD claim?

A) If you have not been enrolled in the GIC's LTD program for more that 24 consecutive months, a pre-existing limitation applies. You have a pre-existing condition if you received medical treatment or services including diagnostic measures, or took prescribed drugs or medicines in the 12 months just prior to your effective date of coverage, and the disability for that same condition begins in the first 24 months after your effective date of coverage.

Q) Do I need to apply for LTD during the GIC's annual enrollment period?

A) All eligible state employees may apply for LTD at any time during the year. See your GIC Coordinator or the forms section of this site for the GIC's Enrollment/Change form to apply. You must provide evidence of good health. The GIC will notify Unum of your application and Unum will send you a medical form to complete and return. If approved by Unum, the GIC will notify you of your effective date.

For additional information about the LTD Program, call Unum: 1.877.226.8620.

This information provided by the Group Insurance Commission .