• What is Civil Service?

  • Chapter 31

    The chapter of the Massachusetts General Laws governing the administration of civil service law
  • Personnel Administration Rules (PAR's)  doc format of Personnel Administration Rules (PAR's)

    Rules enforced by the Personnel Administrator that establish standards for the implementation of civil service law and supplement Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 31
  • Appeals

    An applicant may request reviews to both the Human Resources Division and to the Civil Service Commission (specific timeframes and conditions apply).
  • Labor Service

  • Reduction In Force

    The Human Resources Division (HRD) has developed specific information regarding reduction in force such as layoffs, demotions, reemployment, reinstatement and military substitutes.
  • Rights Under Civil Service

    Employees with permanent, civil service status often reference the procedures outlined in Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L., Chapter 31 and in the Personnel Administration Rules (PARs) to obtain information regarding employment personnel transactions and employment rights under civil service law. The Human Resources Division has provided informative guidelines pertaining to a number of common topics.
  • Order of Persons on Eligible Lists

  • 402A Preference  pdf format of 402A Preference

  • 402B Preference  pdf format of 402B Preference