Under MGL., Chapter 31, sections 39 and 41-45

This action occurs when an employee's position has been abolished or not funded due to budget concerns. Those employees affected should be listed in seniority date order. The employee with the least amount of seniority is affected first, etc.

The Appointing Authority holds a hearing to show cause why this action is required. Once the hearing has been held, the employee is notified in- writing of the layoff decision.

The Appointing Authority then submits an Absence and Termination Notice (Form 56) indicating that a layoff action has taken place and completes a Notification of an Individual to be Added to a Re-Employment or Reinstatement List (Form 39) which requests that the Human Resources Division place this employee on a re-employment list for two (2) years.

A re-employment list would be issued to an appointing authority if a position in the affected title needs to be filled.

An employee laid off also has ten (10) years reinstatement rights to the affected title.

Reduction in Force Information - The Human Resources Division (HRD) has developed specific information regarding reduction in force such as layoffs, reemployment, reinstatement and military substitutes.

This information provided by the Human Resources Division .