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  • Exciting changes are coming to the Civil Service Unit’s online system for applicants, current employees, and Appointing Authorities.  MaCS, the Massachusetts Automated Civil Service system, will offer a new look and feel for the Civil Service online experience. In anticipation of the imminent launch of MaCS, the Standings and Online Applicant Record Information System (SOARIS) is no longer available as of May 17, 2012.

    MaCS is a web-based platform which will:

    • consolidate all online Civil Service application processes;
    • provide a central location for all Civil Service exam information and employment opportunities;
    • and preserve information submitted by applicants and current employees for current and upcoming exams.

    All applicants and current employees must create a new comprehensive online account once MaCS is online. Please continue to check this page for frequent updates regarding the release of MaCS ( www.mass.gov/hrd/macs). 

    Highlights of MaCS include:

    • Applicants and current employees will electronically attach supporting documentation when registering for an exam, making the entire application process faster and more streamlined. Documents will be permanently stored in each applicant’s new Master Profile, eliminating the need to resubmit documentation. 
    • Appointing Authorities will utilize MaCS to submit electronic documentation, eliminating delays, expediting requests, and allowing for a more user-friendly experience.
    • Civil Service Entry-Level Police Officer & Firefighter Eligible Lists will be maintained statewide, removing limited non-resident locations selection, which will provide more potential hiring opportunities for applicants.
    • Personal information will be more secure. Applicants and current employees will be assigned a unique Applicant ID, which will replace the use of Social Security Numbers in Civil Service transactions. 
    • Creating a MACS account will allow applicants and current employees to manage their own Master Profiles directly, store information online, and view updates in real-time.

    Please continue to check this page for frequent updates regarding the release of MaCS (www.mass.gov/hrd/macs).

    MACS - Massachusetts Automated Civil Service

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