For current employees who will apply for a departmental promotional exam, MaCS will increase the efficiency and ease of submitting a claim for Education & Experience (E&E) credit. Our new Online E&E Claim will combine the E&E instructions, claim, and supporting documents into one streamlined electronic process. MaCS will make submitting E&E credit claims simpler and increase the accuracy of claims overall - thereby speeding up E&E exam component score processing.

Here are a few key features:

  • The E&E Rating Sheet Instructions will be combined with the E&E Rating Sheet into a single Online E&E Claim. Each credit area will have a set of instructions and multiple choice responses. Each set of multiple choice responses will be labeled with the type and amount of credit available.
  • The new Online E&E Claim will be available approximately two weeks before the exam date, and will not close until 7 calendar days after the exam is administered. Applicants can save and exit their application as many times as they wish before submitting.
  • Applicants will scan and attach required supporting documentation directly to the Online E&E Claim. Attached documents will remain a part of each applicant’s Master Profile, eliminating the need for re-submission of college transcripts and many other documents.
  • Paper and pencil E&E Rating Sheets will no longer be distributed at the exam site, and will not be accepted once MaCS is live.

Please note that the deadline for submitting a completed Online E&E Claim and supporting documentation will continue to be 7 calendar days after the administration of the written examination. Please be sure to read the instructions in the Online E&E Claim carefully, as E&E is a weighted examination component.

Please continue to check this page for frequent updates regarding the release of MaCS (