Departmental Promotional Examination

Written Examination Date:                                    May 17, 2014

Application Deadline:                                                April 21, 2014                  

Written Examination Fee:                                           $150

Location:                                                                   Various sites across the state

Regarding the Education & Experience claim for this exam: 

  • If you do not click submit the Education and Experience claim is not complete.
  • If you do not receive an individual automated confirmation email after you submit your claim, your promotional exam is not considered complete.
  • Any Education and Experience documentation submitted without an online claim will not be accepted.
  • Once the claim is submitted it cannot be changed unless you submit an amendment to the Civil Service Department.
  • You can only get Employment credit for the past 12 years (5/17/2002-5/17/2014)
  • You can only have a maximum of 59 months for the RECENT timeframe (If you worked the entire 5 year period the amount of experience total is 59 months)
  • You can only have a maximum of 84 months for the OLDER timeframe (If you worked the entire 7 year period the amount of experience total is 84 months)
  • You only get credit for completed degrees (course credits taken towards an unfinished degree are not eligible for the Education and Experience claim)
  • Verification of Education must be through recent legible transcripts (copies of diplomas are not acceptable)
  • Teaching Continuing Education or Emergency Medicine courses are not eligible for Education and Experience credit
  • Teaching In-Service Training courses is not eligible for Education and Experience credit


In order to apply for this exam, you must follow the instructions below. Please note that due to our transition to a new system, MaCS, the application process will be much different from years prior. Please also note that the way we collect Education and Experience claims is changing, and more information on that process will be posted in the coming weeks.

2014 Correction Officer/Chef Examination Announcement 

To apply for the CO/Chef exam:

  1. Click here to reach our application postings page;
  2. Search for the relevant exam posting, and click to view details;
    1. A quick way to search is by using Search Criteria, and limiting the search to include only  “Public Safety” postings.
  3. Click “Apply” to create an account and apply for the posting!

 Be careful not to apply to the wrong exam posting!