Departmental Promotional Examinations

Fire Captain & Fire Lieutenant

Exam Date: November 19, 2011*

Last Date to Apply: October 17, 2011

To download an exam announcement/poster, find the link, right click on it and choose Save Target As or Save Page As to save it to your computer. Documents are in Rich Text Format (RTF).

If you need one of these files in a different format e-mail us with your request.

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Exam Forms & Notice to Appear Information

2011 Fire Captain rtf format of fire captain_2011.rtf

2011 Fire Lieutenant rtf format of fire lieutenant_1yr_2011.rtf

2011 Fire Lieutenant - 3 Year rtf format of fire lieutenant_3yr_2011.rtf

* This date is subject to change. Please refer to the exam announcement/poster for more accurate information.

Paper applications can be obtained in one of three ways: Contact HRD's 24-hour Examination Information Hotline at 617-878-9895, call toll free (outside of Boston within Mass.) at 1-800-392-6178, press 3 or visit the offices of the Human Resources Division located at One Ashburton Place, 3rd Floor, Room 301, Boston, MA 02108. Paper applications may also be available at city and town clerks' offices and civil service fire and police stations across the state. You may also apply online for these examinations.

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