Departmental Promotional and Open Competitive Examinations

Exam Date: May 18, 2013

Last Date to Apply: April 29, 2013


In order to apply for these exams, you must follow the instructions below. Please note that due to our transition to a new system (MaCS: for more info please see, the application process will be much different from years prior. Please also note that the way we collect Education and Experience claims for Promotional exams is changing, and more information on that process will be posted in the coming weeks.

To apply for a Police Chief series exam:

  1. Go to;
  2. Search for the relevant exam posting, and click to view details;
    1. A quick way to search is by using Search Criteria, and limiting the search to include only “Law Enforcement” or “Public Safety” postings.
    2. Each posting will list the exam date (130518), followed by the exam title abbreviation (i.e., DepPCh for Deputy Police Chief), followed by a string of numbers and letters indicating eligibility (i.e., 1 Year vs. 3 Year, or OPEN) and exam weights (if non-standard, i.e., 442 indicates an exam composed of 40% written exam, 40% assessment center, and 20% Education & Experience). Be sure to find the correct exam, which includes your Department, before applying!
  3. Click “Apply” to create an account and apply for the posting!

 Please note that participating Departments are listed within the exam posting, and you must find the posting that contains your Department. Be careful not to apply to the wrong exam posting!

Please also note that some exams in this series are part of the Regional Assessment Center Initiative (RACI). These exam postings will start with the exam date 1306xx, which indicates the exam will be held in June, with the specific date to be determined and communicated later. The application deadline for these exams is also April 29, 2013.