Massachusetts G.L. c.31, § 59 provides that "[a]n examination for a promotional appointment to any title in a police or fire force shall be open only to permanent employees in the next lower title in such force…provided, however, that no such examination shall be open to any person who has not been employed in such force for at least one year after certification in the lower title or titles to which the examination is open; and provided, further, that no such examination for the first title above the lowest title in the police or fire force of a city or town with a population in excess of fifty thousand shall be open to any person who has not been employed in such force in such lowest title for at least three years after certification." In accordance with the Civil Service Commission decision in Dickinson and Hallisey v. Human Resources Division, E-10-274, 278 (2011), eligibility for police and fire promotional examinations will be determined in the following manner: (1) the individual must be an employee in the department with permanent civil service status in the eligible title(s) on the date of the examination; and (2) the individual must have served in the force at least one year since his/her name was first certified in the eligible title(s), regardless of whether that certification resulted in his/her appointment to the eligible title(s).