To: Physical Abilities Test (PAT) Monitors-in-Charge
From: Bruce Howard, Director, Civil Service and Medical Standards,
Organizational Development Group
Date: December 10, 2012
Re: Adverse Weather Policy

It is the policy of the Human Resources Division (HRD) that Physical Abilities Tests (PATs) may be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions such as extreme heat or significant snow accumulation.

If weather conditions deteriorate, or if conditions would prohibit the opening of a PAT site, HRD senior management may make a determination to cancel scheduled PAT testing based on the following criteria:

A declaration of a state of emergency by the Governor of the Commonwealth.

An announcement from the Governor excusing state employees from reporting to their work locations.

A determination from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) that restricts travel on Massachusetts roads.

A local or regional emergency that restricts travel.

The determination by the Personnel Administrator (or his designee) to cancel PAT testing.

Monitors-in-Charge that are affected by a closure of a PAT site (or sites) will be informed of the determination to cancel a PAT via telephone (at home, the PAT site, or via the cellular phone each Monitor-in-Charge has been issued) by HRD. PAT monitors will be informed of the determination to cancel a PAT by their Monitor-in-Charge. Monitors-in-Charge should contact HRD to advise management of any weather conditions that may lead to the closure of a PAT site (e.g. -- test floor ambient temperature 86° or greater with relative humidity of 60° or greater, or a heavy snow fall, or any other extreme weather condition).

Using the daily roster of scheduled PAT test candidates, HRD's Examination Administration Coordinator will contact all departments who scheduled candidates to appear at the cancelled PAT. HRD staff will also contact local and statewide media organizations to relay the cancellation decision to the general public. Cancellation notices may be heard on the following radio stations throughout the Commonwealth and by calling 617-878-9802.

WBZ television 
WHYN Radio 560 AM and 93.1 FM (Springfield)
WNBH Radio1340 AM (New Bedford)
WBSM and WFHN 107 FM Radio (New Bedford)
WTAG Radio 580 AM (Worcester)

If you have any questions or comments on this policy, please feel free to contact Civil Service, Organizational Development Group at 617-878-9802.