Candidates may update information such as their mailing address, email address, phone number, etc. by doing the following:

1) Log on to your Civil Service account

2) Click on your username, in the top right-hand corner

3) Click on Profile, then Edit Profile

PLEASE NOTE: Changing your email address does NOT change your username; that is, your log-in Username that you originally used to create your account will remain your Username, even if you change your email address in your account.  Please keep that in mind for future access to your profile.

New Feature:  Adding Employment Location Choices beyond your Residency Preference Choice

Effective November 8, 2016 firefighter candidates can add employment location choices to their record for the 2016 Firefighter eligible list.

Additionally, candidates on the active 2015 Police Officer eligible list can now add employment location choices.

Note: If you previously chose to have your name appear on the MBTA Transit Police eligible list and would still like to be considered for the MBTA Transit Police, you must select it again as one of your locations.  If you do not, your name will no longer appear for the MBTA Transit Police.

Submission of Employment Location Choices will NOT affect your residency preference claim.

The updated eligible lists will display the employment location choices on our web list display page on December 1, 2016.

It is important to be mindful that you should only choose locations where you would actually be willing to accept employment should your name be reached. Candidates who repeatedly do not respond or are unwilling to accept in a particular department may be in jeopardy of having their name removed.

(NOTE: Only MA-issued EMT licenses will be accepted by the Appointing Authority, NOT National Registry EMT licenses - for more information please click here to visit the website for the MA Office of Emergency Medical Services.)

To update information that you cannot edit in your profile such as EMT status, Veteran status, Language Fluency, Self-identify (ethnicity and/or gender) or Add Employment Location Choices you must submit an Update Civil Service Account application by following the instructions below:

1) Click on the "Update Civil Service Account" application link on the applications page

2) Click on "Apply"

2a) If you are not logged into your account you will be prompted to log in then click on “Apply”

3) Add all applicable information regarding things such as EMT status, Vet status, etc.

4) Click "Submit"

(Please Note: If you are on the current Mass. State Trooper eligible list resulting from the 2013 examination and you need to update your email address, mailing address, Veteran/Disabled Veteran status, or any other information, please contact their office directly:

Any failure or delay in correcting your information may impact your opportunities for appointment.)