Establishing a Commission on Disability (COD)

The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) is excited to announce our COD Initiative to get more COD's throughout the Commonwealth. This page is designed to assist those municipalities considering creating COD's in their community.  

CODs are established by vote of Town Meeting (in towns) or City Council (in cities) to promote the inclusion and integration of persons with disabilities in the activities, services and employment opportunities in the community. One of MOD's principle duties is to provide support and guidance for these commissions.

MOD has put together a packet to help with the process of creating a COD.  These documents were mailed to every community that currently does not have a formally established COD under MGL Chapter 40 Section 8J .  The documents that were sent out can be found below.

MOD Flyer and COD Description pdf format of COD Initiative - MOD Flyer and COD Description
Benefits of Establishing a COD pdf format of COD Initiative - Benefits of Forming a COD
Best Practices for Establishing a COD pdf format of COD Initiative - Best Practices for Forming A COD
Sample Operating Bylaws pdf format of COD Intitative - Sample Operating By-Laws
Related Massachusetts General Laws pdf format of COD Initiative - COD Laws 40 8J and 40 22G
Commission on Disability Process and HP Parking Fines to COD Slides pdf format of COD Initiative - COD Frmtion and HP Fines to COD Slides

If there are any questions about the documents above, or any other questions relating to starting a COD in your community, please contact Jeffrey L. Dougan, Assistant Director for Community Services at 617-727-7440 ext. 27316 or email him at Jeff.Dougan@State.MA.US.

To see if a COD has been formed in your community, please visit our COD Page of our website.