If you have a disability and want to work but are having trouble getting vocational rehabilitation services, or want a lifestyle which is more self-reliant but are having trouble getting independent living services, contact the Client Assistance Program (CAP).

CAP provides an unbiased source of information, referral and advocacy services for people who are having difficulties in obtaining rehabilitation and independent living related services. It is run within MOD's Client Services Program of under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Rehabilitation Services Administration. In order for the Commonwealth to be eligible for in excess of $50 million in federal funds for vocational rehabilitation and independent living services, the Commonwealth must operate this program fully separate from, and independent of, any vocational rehabilitation agency. In Massachusetts, Commission for the Blind and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission administer the Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

The Governor has designated MOD to conduct the CAP because of its unique independent position outside of the Health and Human Services Secretariat ,where all other Rehabilitation funding is administered.

Privacy and Independence of CAP:
dealings with CAP are free and strictly confidential. We will not discuss anything about you without your consent.

CAP is independent of the vocational rehabilitation and independent living agencies. It is run by the Massachusetts Office on Disability, an independent state agency. MOD is responsible for promoting the rights of persons with disabilities in Massachusetts.

What can CAP do?
CAP provides advocacy and information services. CAP also works to ensure that consumers are placed in integrated settings and receive competitive wages. It helps people get services from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind and the Independent Living Centers in Massachusetts, all of which receive Federal money under the Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Act. Specifically, if you have requested services but have not received them, CAP can:

  • Discuss how the vocational rehabilitation and independent living systems can work best for you.
  • Inform you of your rights and responsibilities.
  • Advocate for you with the vocational rehabilitation or independent living agency, by representing you at appeals and hearings, as well as provide other legal representation if necessary, and by helping you locate other services or resources you may need.

What are Rehabilitation Services?
Among other things, the Commission for the Blind and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission provide vocational rehabilitation services, such as career guidance and counseling, and can provide funding for education or other training, adaptive equipment, transportation and equipment.

Fact Sheets:

What are Independent Living Services?
There are several Independent Living Centers located across the Commonwealth. Among others, they provide 4 core services: information and referral, advocacy, independent living skills training and peer counseling.

To contact CAP, e-mail or call us in Boston at [617] 727-7440 or toll free at 1 [800] 322-2020.

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