Commissions on Disability (COD) are established by vote of Town Meeting (in towns) or City Council (in cities) to promote the inclusion and integration of persons with disabilities in the activities, services and employment opportunities in the community. One of MOD's principle duties is to provide support and guidance for these commissions.

COD Guidance and Coordination

The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) frequently visits the local COD's to discuss any topics the Commission wants.  Frequently, MOD provides updates to the Commissions regarding changes to the various state and federal laws and to offer guidance to Commissions regarding their role within the community.

If you are serving on a Commission and would like someone from MOD to come to one of your regularly scheduled COD meetings, please feel free to call Jeffrey L. Dougan, Assistant Director for Community Services or email him at

If you are interested in starting a COD in your community, please visit our "Establishing A COD" webpage.

Also, follow this link for the reinstated Regional COD Meetings that are taking place throughout the Commonwealth.

The image below indicates where there are, currently, COD's throughout the Commonwealth (shaded in blue).  Alternatively, here is the link for the current COD listing: Commission on Disability List  docx format of Commission on Disability List
pdf format of                             Commission on Disability List
Please be aware that this map was last updated in January of 2016.

This is a map delineating where there are COD's in the Commonwealth.