Grant #12.CS.6.2.A
10/1/2013 - 9/30/2014
Autism Insurance Resource Center 
UMass Medical School - EK Shriver Center

55 Lake Avenue North, S3-301

Worcester, MA  01655

(774) 455-4056
Staff:  Dan Shannon

Autism Insurance Resource Center
Total Funding: $30,376
Federal Funds: $25,000 (82.3%)

Matching Funds: $5,376 (17.7%)

The Autism Insurance Resource Center serves as a comprehensive resource for families, providers, employers and educators on all issues related to medical insurance for autism treatment.  The resources of the Center include Information and referral by phone/e-mail on issues related to insurance coverage for autism-related treatments and services, access to documents including legislation, FAQs, agency bulletins, etc., specialized trainings and webinars on insurance laws and related topics.



Grant #12.CS.7.1.A
10/1/2013 - 9/30/2014
The Arc of Massachusetts
217 South Street
Waltham, MA
Program Specialist: Liz Fancher

MA21 Self-Determination Initiative
Total Funding:   $62,838
Grant Amount:  $50,000 (80%)
Match: $12,838 (20%)

The project goal is to increase the availability of self-directed supports and individualized family support services in the Commonwealth.  With The Arc’s guidance the Massachusetts Alliance for 21st Century Disability Policy (MA21) will promote education sessions for families, individuals and other stakeholders; conduct outreach to multicultural communities; and advocate and educate policymakers, state agency and provider staff.   The project will provide materials through print, online and e-methods while working to improve advocacy skills for leaders and spokespersons for self-determination.  It will promote passage of the Real Lives bill to reinforce that individuals have a right to shape their own services.  The project will also advance other policies to improve choice-making or individualized services.  As a result more people with developmental disabilities and families will be empowered to advocate for individualized services that meet their needs and to help others to achieve the same goals.


Grant #12.QA.2.1.E
UMass Boston/Institute for Community Inclusion
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA
857. 218.4327
Program Specialist: Liz Fancher

2013 Gopen Fellowship
Total Funding:   $28,831
Grant Amount:  $20,000 (69%)
Match: $8831 (31%)

The Gopen Fellowship is a one year, 20-hour per week work and learning opportunity for a person with a developmental disability.  The Fellowship, established in 2001 to honor disability advocate Barbara Wilensky Gopen, is a partnership of the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Network, consisting of the MDDC, the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI), the Shriver Center, and the Disability Law Center.  The overall project goal is to foster the leadership capability of an individual by supporting that individual's development of a project, to enhance their general understanding of how the system of disability services works both in the Commonwealth and on the federal level, and to build the capacity of the Fellow's personal leadership skills. The specific focus of the project and final product are determined by the selected Gopen Fellow.


Grant #12.QA.2.2.B
10/1/2013 - 9/30/2014
Massachusetts Advocates Standing Strong
500 Harrison Ave. Suite 230
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 624-7549
Staff:  Dan Shannon

Supporting Self Advocacy, Leadership and Self-Sufficiency
Total Funding: $189,946
Federal Funds: $60,000 (33.6%)
Matching Funds: $129,946 (66.4%)

The project builds and strengthens self-advocacy across Massachusetts, supporting a statewide, regional and local network of self-advocacy groups.  MASS fosters new self-advocate leaders and supports self-direction to assist self-advocates in achieving and enjoying independence and inclusion.  MASS provides training in self-advocacy, systems advocacy and leadership, conducts Explore, Prepare, Act training to prepare self-advocates to obtain work, and Making a Contribution training encompassing resume writing and interviewing tips. 



Grant #00-3(3)(1)
Consumers, Family Members, and Guardians
Council Program Specialist: Harold Lieberman

Council Empowerment Funds Program

The Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council provides funds for individuals with developmental disabilities and/or a family member or guardian to attend conferences or other events in Massachusetts or another state. The goal of this program is to promote the empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by assisting them in their efforts to achieve independence, productivity, integration and inclusion.

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council.