• ADA Training

  • Community Access Monitor Program

    Initially, the Community Access Monitor Project emphasized the enforcement of the Architectural Access Board's Rules and Regulations. Now, with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act in effect, requirements for access have broadened to include communication and programmatic as well as architectural accessibility. As the scope of accessibility legislation has broadened, so has the role of the Community Access Monitor.

  • Emergency Preparedness

    The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD), in partnership with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, hosted meetings to bring together people with disabilities and local emergency preparedness professionals.

  • Commissions on Disability (CODs)

    Commissions on Disability are established by vote of Town Meeting (in towns) or City Council (in cities) to promote the inclusion and integration of persons with disabilities in the activities, services and employment opportunities in the community. One of MOD's principle duties is to provide support and guidance for these commissions.

  • Customized Trainings