Diversity Vision

To realize a diverse and inclusive workforce where employees are valued and their talents maximized to make a positive difference in the lives of the citizens of Massachusetts.  Our ultimate goal is to weave diversity into the fabric of the Commonwealth so that it becomes embedded in the culture of all we do.

Value Statement

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts believes in respect for all individuals. We promote openness to and tolerance of differences in race, ethnicity, religion, gender, culture, sexual orientation, and disability status. 

We dedicate ourselves to creating a workplace that welcomes respects and values people of all races, color, age, gender, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religions, creeds, ancestry, national origin, disability and veteran status.  We strive to reflect diversity in all government activities, programs and services removing any barriers to accessibility.  We further believe that embracing and celebrating our differences enriches the quality of the work experience and enhances our own personal and professional relationships.

Our core values:


Respect for People

Open Dialogue


Integrity: Our conduct as an organization and as individuals demands the highest ethical standards. We will at all times demonstrate open, honest and ethical behavior with employees, vendors, and the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Respect for People: We acknowledge that our employees are the key to our success. We seek to foster their professional growth and achievement. We strive daily to recognize their unique contributions, in serving the various customers/clients of the Commonwealth.

Open Dialogue: We believe in open communication. We listen to and collaborate with our employees to identify ways to improve upon our delivery of services to the citizens of the Commonwealth; to enhance employee engagement and to make the Commonwealth a great place to work.

Accountability:  Standards are important in the work we do. We empower our management teams and our employees to make decisions, but we hold them accountable for the decisions they make. There is a shared accountability for achieving objectives, providing services and dealing with all people within and outside the State system.

For more information, please contact

Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Phone: (617) 727-7441