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image key Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity
  • Serves as an additional recruitment resource for State Agencies
  • Maintains a resume bank of qualified applicants
  • Provides information to job seekers
  • Certifies Vietnam Era Veterans
Type of Employment Opportunities
  • Civil Service Examinations
  • State Labor Service Applications
  • Boston Labor Service Applications
  • Commonwealth Employment Opportunities
Civil Service Examinations
  • Entry level Public Safety Examinations
    • Firefighter
    • Police Officer
    • Correction Officer every six months
    • Parole Officer
  • Entry level Police Officer and Firefighter offered every other year
Labor Service Applications
  • Job Seekers can apply for State and Boston labor positions
  • Some positions require License
  • Job Seeker identifies position(s)
  • Mail application to Human Resources Division
  • Receive labor service number in about three weeks
  • Long process-Agency must have opening before you will be contacted
  • Job Seeker receives card in mail
  • Must sign Certification List
  • If number reached, applicant will be called in for an interview
Commonwealth Employment Opportunities (CEO)

ceo icon

Welcome to CEO

ceo header

Commonwealth Employment Opportunities
  • Executive Branch Agencies are required to post
  • Positions are posted for 14 days
  • Continuous Posting Titles
    • Mental Health Worker
    • Mental Retardation Worker
    • Nursing Assistant
    • Youth Services Group Worker
  • New jobs are added daily
  • Each Agency completes their own recruitment and selection process for jobs listed on the CEO

How to Search Job Postings

Search Job Postings

Search Job Postings Options
  • Drop Down Menus
  • Allows you to customize your search by:
    • Agency
    • Location
    • Occupational Group
    • Full-time vs. Part-time
    • Keyword Search
Job Opening sorted by Region:
  • Commonwealth Divided in Regions
    • Boston
    • Central
    • Metro-Boston
    • Northeast
    • Southeast
    • Western
Job Opening sorted by:
  • Occupational Groups
    • Budgeting and Accounting
    • Clerical
    • Housekeeping and Janitorial
    • Business and Industry
    • Office and Program Administration
Job Opening sorted by:
  • Alphabetical listing of current openings by:
    • Functional Title
    • Official Title
    • Agency
    • Location
    • Published Date- Defaults to Current Date
Job Search Results

Please click the heading to resort job opening

Job Search Result

Employment &Staffing Representative

Employment & Staffing Representive

Minimum Entrance Requirements (MERs)
  • Applicant must meet MERs to be considered
  • Education can be substituted for experience
    • Depends on Degree and position
    • Usually no substitution for supervisory experience
  • Applicant can combine work experience and education to meet MERs
Preferred Qualifications
  • Additional skills wanted
  • Usually specialized skill sets
  • Used as part of the screening process
  • Can be addressed in your cover letter
  • Sometimes can be a lengthy list
  • Address the most relevant to you and the position
How to Apply
  • Follow How to Apply instructions
  • Mail resume and cover as indicated
  • Some Agencies accept resumes via email
  • Some Agencies accept facsimile
Posting Reminders for Job Seekers
  • Application Deadline
    • Must be received at agency by deadline
  • Salary
    • Hired between beginning to midpoint
    • Rarely at the top of Salary
  • CC Diversity Officer
Civil Service Positions
  • You may be hired into any of the positions listed on CEO without previously taking a civil service examination
  • If after being hired into a civil service title a civil service examination is offered, you would be required to take the examination at that time
Resume Tips
  • Use professional email address
    • Fun
    • Professional
  • Resume Attachments
    • Spell Check (no red underlined words)
    • Grammar Check (no green underlined words)
    • Send as Word document (easy to open)
Answering Machine Tips
  • Telephone answering machine
    • Messages too long
    • Appropriate Music

Remember your resume is the first impression employers have of you

  • Second is the answering machine

This information provided by the Human Resources Division .

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