What is a Remedial Development Plan (RDP)?

  • A RDP is a written document for those employees receiving "Below" ratings at Stage B or Stage C
  • The RDP identifies the specific duties and performance criteria for which the employee received a "Below" rating
  • The RDP provides clear and specific ways for the employee to improve performance for each duty
  • The RDP must adhere to these guidelines in order to support improvements in performance, progressive discipline and other personnel actions.


On Duty 1 of your EPRS, you did not meet the expectations on Performance Criteria A, B, C and D which were to…" (Spell out the Performance Criteria)

"In order to meet expectations you need to…" (Explain the specific improvement to be made on each specific Performance Criteria.)

Repeat this format with all of the remaining duties with a "Below" ratings.


  • Supervisor and Reviewer meet to discuss the content of the RDP prior to issuance to the employee.
  • The RDP must be reviewed by the EPRS Coordinator prior to issuance to the employee.
  • Supervisor and Employee set a date to jointly discuss the RDP. The Employee should begin to brainstorm for that meeting.
  • Supervisor and Employee meet to issue and discuss the RDP (this meeting must occur at least 90 days prior to a Stage C that may result in an "Below" rating).
  • Set a date for the first Review Meeting for 30 days from the issuance of the Remedial Development Plan.
  • Attach the completed RDP to the EPRS form.
  • Forward copies of the RDP to Human Resources after it is given to the employee.

Performance Review Procedures:

  • Employee's who receive a "Below" rating must have their performance reviewed on a monthly basis.
  • During the month, monitor the employee's performance.
  • Make notes on what is done well and what is not done well.
  • Gather documents of the employee's work that demonstrate the employee's performance.
  • Employees are reviewed monthly until they receive a "Meets" rating, for a maximum of six months.

Conducting Monthly Re-Review Meetings:

  • Supervisor and Reviewer meet to discuss the supervisor's notes and documentation of the employee's performance during the month.
  • Supervisor provides the Reviewer with specific examples of the employee's performance and the rating, which the supervisor proposes to give to the employee.
  • Supervisor meets with the Employee at least every 30 days.
  • Discuss and rate the Employee's performance for each duty on the Remedial Development Plan during the past month.
  • Provide the Employee with a detailed, written explanation of his/her performance, referring to the notes and documentation gathered.
  • Modify the RDP if necessary.
  • Schedule the next re-review meeting, if necessary.