Dear Colleague:

As we enjoy the last weeks of fall, I write to remind you that we will soon be looking forward to another holiday season. This time of year we reflect on and renew our commitments to our families, our friends, and our communities.

Public servants play a unique role in supporting the cities and towns across Massachusetts. We see first hand the hardships that some of our fellow residents face, but we also have the opportunity help individuals and families meet these challenges and to find solutions that positively impact our communities. We know that our neighborhoods grow stronger when we turn to each other during difficult times.

The privilege of working for the people of Massachusetts is inextricably linked to a special responsibility to fill unmet needs across our Commonwealth. In that spirit of service, state employees have participated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign ("COMECC") for over twenty five years. This confidential, 100% voluntary program is a simple but powerful way for state employees to assist those in need by supporting private, non-profit health and human services and environmental organizations. COMECC also represents an incredible partnership between the Commonwealth and the many charitable, nonprofit organizations that are on the front lines of serving residents.

To learn more, visit the COMECC program website.

I also hope executive branch employees will continue to take advantage of the State Employees Responding as Volunteers (SERV) program. The SERV program allocates one day per month for you to volunteer in your community in educational, mentoring, environmental and other areas.

To learn more and check your eligibility, visit the SERV website.

Many charitable and non-profit organizations continue to struggle to meet the demands on their limited resources. As a result, many families are forced to go without. Whether it is through COMECC, the SERVE program, a new charity or one you have given to for years, please give as generously as you can and ask others to do the same. Our collective contributions will make a difference in the lives of our fellow residents.

On behalf of the recipients of your time and your contributions, I thank you. Your continued service makes me proud to be your Governor.


Governor Deval L. Patrick