State Colleagues:

Please consider participating in COMECC this fall.

What is COMECC?

COMECC is a workplace giving campaign that is a voluntary confidential way state employees can support verified bona-fide charities through payroll deduction (one-time or recurring), by check, or online by credit card. 

The non-profits impact one or more of these categories:

1) People

2) Environment

3) Animals

You may have noticed the 2 letters in the middle of COMECC are “ME”.  That’s no accident.  Generous state employees donated over $1 million last year to non-profits through COMECC. That is an extension of our commitment to public service.

If each state employee donated just $1 per pay period ($26 per year), we would raise over $2 million. Of course COMECC also encourages one-time donations in smaller amounts such as $10 or spare change added to a COMECC jar some state agencies have placed in their offices.  What real difference can your one-time $10 donation make? Your spare cents along with others’ dollars makes change happen.  For those who have little, this money can is critical and can fund a meal for a homebound elderly person, toiletries for a military care package, a recycling bin, or a child’s very first book they can keep and call their own. 

Please join me in donating to a charity of your choice as your budget permits.  We appreciate your willingness to help others as a public employee and we acknowledge all how your work already impacts our residents in a positive meaningful way every day.

How to Donate (Deadline – end of January 2014)

1) Visit to authorize a payroll deduction for 2014 or credit card donation OR

2) Complete a paper pledge card which gets returned to your human resources office with a check or payroll deduction indicated.

If you have any questions please contact Emily Gilmore (617-348-6228 or, or Natalie Wadzinski (617-878-9710 or