Q: What is COMECC ?

A. COMECC (Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign), established in 1984, is governed by Executive Order 451.

COMECC, the only authorized payroll deduction workplace solicitation, is conducted under the authority of the Secretary of Administration & Finance. Each year, the Secretary selects a Statewide Campaign Manager for overall management of the campaign and a Local Campaign Manager to conduct and manage COMECC in each of the regions.

COMECC is private, voluntary and confidential. It affords state employees the opportunity to support private, non-profit health and human services and environmental organizations. State employees can share in the spirit of giving, in order to assist those who might be experiencing hardship or temporary crisis in their lives. The gift of payroll deduction can make a significant difference in the lives of children, families and communities across the state, the country and the world. 



A. COMECC is the one opportunity state employees have to share in the spirit of giving, in order to assist those who might be experiencing hardship or temporary crisis in their lives. Your one-time contribution or gift through payroll deduction can make a significant difference in the lives of children, families and communities across the state, the country and the world.


Q: Are COMECC donations tax deductible?

A: Yes. Every charity that particicpates in COMECC must be an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Q: What is the easiest way to give ?

A. Giving through payroll deduction is easy and convenient. You are provided with a paper pledge form where you can select payroll deduction for 26 weeks, or a one time deduction, or a one time check (made out to COMECC) . You can also give online through www.COMECC.net, either payroll deduction for 26 weeks, one time payroll deduction or by credit card. If you did not receive a pledge form, you can print out a blank pledge form from the COMECC site; You determine the amount you would like to contribute, as well as which agency(ies) or federation(s) will receive your contribution, and we do the rest.


Q: Can I write a check?

Yes. See Step 2 (Direct Payment) on pledge card. Please make check payable to COMECC.


Q: How do I pledge at www.comecc.net ?

A. Pledging online at www.COMECC.net is secure, quick and simple. You can either look for a charity and then enter the e-pledge site, or go to the log in page directly by clicking on those headings located on the left side panel. Most State employee information has been pre-entered, so you will be identified when logging in with your employee number. If your name is not pre-entered or you are a new employee, there is a screen that allows you to put in your work information so you can proceed. You choose the method of giving, and then can browse the charities and pick the one or ones you wish to support through COMECC.


Q: How do I give by credit card or by one time payroll deduction donation ?

A. Giving by credit card can be done at www.COMECC.net. Employees can log in and follow the prompts to select payment options for credit card giving and for choosing a recipient charity or charities. If you wish to give through one time payroll deduction, employees can also do that online or via their paper pledge card by filling in 'One-time donation via payroll deduction', then choosing 'Donation Amount'.


Q: Can I change or cancel my pledge ?

A. Yes. Simply notify your agency's payroll office and the change will be made. This can be done at any time.


Q: How is my gift distributed ?

A. You, the employee, determines who will receive your gift. When you give to COMECC, you have the choice of designating all or part of your gift to a particular agency or federation listed in this brochure.


Q: How much of my gift is used towards fund raising and administrative costs ?

A. Through the outstanding oversight efforts of the COMECC oversight, less than 10% of the funds raised are used for fund raising and administrative costs. Because this cost is so low compared with other fund-raising campaigns, every dollar you pledge goes a very long way toward helping others.


Q: What happens to my gift if I do not designate it to a specific agency ?

A. The undesignated dollars are distributed to all of the organizations participating in COMECC in the same proportion that they received designations in the campaign.


Q: What about the percentage number listed in the brochure at the end of the charity's name ?

A. The percentage number listed at the end of each agency/charity's name is its fund raising and administrative expense. This percentage is computed from information the agency/charity reports to the IRS.


Q: Can I be acknowledged for my gift from the charity I designate ?

A. Yes. A request for acknowledgement of your gift by the agency(ies) or federation(s) you designated can be made by simply completing the bottom of the pledge card with your name and address. The Local Campaign Manager will forward your request to the agency(ies) or federation(s) responsible for responding .


Q: What if the charity I wish to give to is not listed?

A: Email us at comecc@bostonabcd.org and let us know who they are. We will send them an application for next year's campaign when they become available.


Q: Questions?

Contact Emily Gilmore, Statewide Campaign Manager, at emily.gilmore@bostonabcd.org or call at 617-348-6228. COMECC, 178 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02111.



This information provided by the Human Resources Division