Paper pledges

You will receive a paper pledge form

    1. Please fill out your name, Employee ID number, Dept ID, Region (I to V) and Maildrop. 
    2. Please choose the amount of payroll deduction per Pay Period.
    3. Please choose the number of payroll deduction; 26(full year) or One time
    4. Please sign and write your office phone number and/or email address.
    5. Please select charities, which you wish your money to go.

Note: COMECC does accept check donations in addition to payroll deduction, and offer totally secure online credit card through .

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On-line pledges

COMECC Online Pledge is secure, quick and simple.

    1. Please click login to enter the secure site.

Login to COMECC Online Pledge

    1. Please enter your employee number (5 digits on your pay advice).

To Enter your Employee ID on COMECC Online Pledge

    1. Please confirm your name.

To confirm your name on COMECC Online Pledge

    1.  Please enter your work email address and password.

To Enter your Email Address on COMECC Online Pledge

    1. Please select Payment Type.
      • Recurring payroll deduction
      • One-time payroll deduction
      • One-Time Credit Card

To Select your COMECC Online Pledge

    1. Please select a Region and then a federation or individual charity catagory to find a charity you wish to support through COMECC.
    2. Please enter an amount you would like to donate and click a button "GO".
    3. Please choose 'Confirm & Exit'
    4. Please confirm your pledge and click 'Authorize Donation'

This information provided by the Human Resources Division