September 2011 


A Message to State Employees:


Our Commonwealth is founded on a fundamental belief in community and dedication to upholding the common good for all citizens.  Over the course of many years you have time and again demonstrated the true meaning of “commonwealth” in your work and especially in your commitment to COMECC.  Your support during the 2011 COMECC was no exception.  Once again, despite a very challenging economy your generous donations provided critical support to countless persons here, at home, across the country and around the world.  We collectively pledged close to $2 million to help individuals, families and important charitable activities at a time when the help was needed more than ever. 


Now, as we embark on the 2012 campaign, we have the unique opportunity to renew our dedication to the longstanding COMECC tradition of giving – to break through the $2 million mark!   We believe that we can and will be an even more powerful force in caring for our environment,  in funding breakthrough research, in supporting children and families, and in so many other ways to renew and sustain hope for countless of our friends, neighbors and others around the world. 


We are continually streamlining systems and reducing the administrative costs of managing the campaign. To that end we are introducing a new pledge form to further simplify and streamline the paper pledge process, even as we strongly encourage you to eliminate the paper entirely by donating online at


As always, your COMECC donation is confidential, voluntary and profoundly important. COMECC is your campaign, and your involvement is absolutely essential.  So, once again, thank you for your generosity.  I know that we will have a great 2012 campaign!



Thank you,


Paul Dietl

Chief Human Resources Officer

Human Resources Division


Executive Order 451, signed on June 6, 2003, now governs the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees Charitable Campaign (COMECC). The link to EO 451 is: links to Text file

Please note the following:

Contributions to COMECC 2011 can be made by payroll deduction or check (payable to COMECC) by using your pledge card. You can pledge by payroll deduction or credit card online at; no cash will be accepted. The regional local campaign managers will deliver the materials and pick up the returns.



This information provided by the Human Resources Division