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The Commonwealth Supervisor Certificate Program is a product of MassHR, an Executive Branch Interagency Human Resources collaboration.

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Application Deadline:



It takes a diverse set of skills to supervise in today's ever-changing and complex world. Leadership that is a step ahead of change is priority one.  In response, we are once again offering the Commonwealth Supervisor Certificate Program (CSCP) starting in January 2016. 


The CSCP is designed to provide practical knowledge and skills that you can begin using immediately.  You will learn how to lead with confidence, positively affect morale, and guide your staff to achieve mission critical goals in the face of our changing working environment. Equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills and strategies, you will be energized and prepared to tackle the challenge to do more with less. 


The program runs from January to June 2016 and consists of five one-day courses.  Classes will be offered at locations across the Commonwealth. 

The curriculum builds skills and competencies in the areas listed below:

  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Managing Change
  • Leveraging the talent, knowledge and skill of a diverse staff
  • Supervising in a multi-generational workforce
  • Problem Solving/Judgment


At the time of application, candidates must:

  • Have at least twelve (12) months of full-time service with the Commonwealth
  • Be in an active status
  • Have completed at least one Performance Evaluation (e.g., EPRS or its equivalent) for another state employee in the last year (2015-2016) in order to be eligible for the CSCP

This information is provided by the Human Resources Division (HRD)

Updated 9/2/2016