Bradford Fellowship 1993-1994

I am currently serving my seventh year as Commissioner of the Division of Energy Resources. I was a Bradford Fellow at the Kennedy School for the 1993-1994 academic year. It came on my second try. The first attempt was from my position as director of a small state agency (Dispute Resolution) where I had worked for 5 years. The selection committee thought I had potential but that my background was a bit narrow. I spent the intervening year working as Chief of Staff at A&F which turned out to be an invaluable broadening experience. I was far better prepared to understand the issues and problems presented by courses at the Kennedy School after that year than I would have been without it.

I found the experience of the Kennedy School much like being let loose in an intellectual candy shop. There was so much to enjoy and experience. To avoid being left dizzy by the many exotic and tantalizing academic choices required a focus (my two themese were economic analysis and leadership dynamics). But over the course of the year I grew in all the ways I hoped and emerged far better prepared to direct an agency than when I had entered. I continue to this day to rely on my academic experience there to guide me in my work, with considerable gratitude for the once-in-a-lifetime experience afforded by the Bradford. Even the attempt to win such a fellowship is worthwhile.

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