Bradford Fellowship 2002-2003

The Kennedy School of Government's Mid-Career Master's of Public Administration program afforded me the best opportunity of my life to deal with the stresses placed on Commonwealth managers today. Especially in these trying times of lay-offs, public accountability and increasing pressure to serve the public, "better, faster and cheaper," the Kennedy School presents you with an incredibly rich mix of tools to solve some really tough problems. The quantitative, management and leadership courses offered, and use of the case study method will give you the perspective of public sector managers and their real-life challenges in over 40 countries and 30 states from the US. From Toledo to Timbuktu, literally, our colleagues in public management are dealing with everything from innovative crime reduction in New York City, to economic decisions about about housing and poverty assistance in Northern Africa. I urge all Commonwealth managers to consider this program as an element of their career goals. You won't be sorry.

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