Bradford Fellowship 2006-2007

As one of the two Bradford Fellowship recipients for the 2006-2007 academic year, I have only been at the Kennedy School for about six months; but what an incredible six months they have been. While currently on leave from my position of Deputy Associate Commissioner for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), I already find myself looking at environmental, political, and social issues a bit differently. The infusion of ideas and perspectives from an inspiring faculty and incredibly diverse student body has broadened my horizons beyond anything I had imagined. And I still have another semester to go!

Much of the work we do in public service involves solving problems. The Kennedy School experience has already provided me with new tools to analyze problems and shape possible solutions. The Kennedy School also has given me ideas and perspectives that will help develop a vision of how I hope to serve the public in the future. Prior to enrolling at the Kennedy School, I spent over 27 years working for MassDEP. My fears of being too old, too far into my career, and too far removed from academia to be successful at the Kennedy School were all unfounded. On the contrary, I find my prior experiences and perspectives are assets as I develop new skills that will form the foundation for my future professional development.

In less than six months I'll be leaving Harvard with more than a Masters in Public Administration. I'll be leaving with many newly formed friendships, a renewed energy and dedication to public service, and a better understanding of the variables that shape our behavior as individuals and as a society. I would encourage anyone who is eligible to apply for the Bradford Fellowship to do so. It is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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