Bradford Fellowship 1996-1997

As a decade plus DPH employee, I participated in numerous conferences, workshops, and HRD trainings to improve my skills, network, and influence policy. I had an ongoing interest in being involved in program development and policy-maiking at a different level. Having reached the top of my grade and perhaps the uppermost level that my colleagues assumed for me, I felt that I was pressing against a professional accomplishment ceiling. Also, I was busy; so involved in manaerial "doings" that time to reflect was absent. The joy of work was less intense than I wished. Now, don't misunderstand. Highly effective people can also not enjoy what they're doing. Managers in public service are seldom provided an opportunity to step back and think about our work; the outcomes we seek to achieve, the available technologies, and the long term ethical and practical implications. The Bradford Fellowship enables participation in the aptly named Kennedy School of Government "Mid Career" program, a opportunity to reflect and to consider a different path. One is engaged with creative and accomplished people from around the country and the world, all with a concentration on public service.

Since completing the program, I've left DPH to become Director of Citizen Leadership at the Department of Mental Retardation. I have cultivated an international consulting network in my KSG peers. My perspective on the potential of public service has broadened. My appreciation and skillfulness regarding the "dangers of leadership" have increased.

I encourage you to consider the Mid Career program. The willingness to apply is an important first step. It implies courage to dream. Our Commonwealth needs dreamers who can do; who value leadership.

This information provided by the Human Resources Division