Bradford Fellowship 2008-2009

The Bradford Fellowship is an unparalleled opportunity for mid career managers to step outside their current responsibilities and build upon their strengths while developing new skills in a challenging and invigorating environment. This program offers managers the opportunity to explore new areas of interest and to study alongside individuals from across the world that are committed to public service.

At the time I attended the Harvard Kennedy School I had more than 17 years of service with the Commonwealth of MA working on environmental management and information technology. I focused my coursework on organizational management and strategic leadership, but also took the opportunity to take classes in areas in which I had very little previous knowledge, such as Agribusiness. The courses, my fellow students and the faculty all contributed to my experiencing a very educational, enlightening, invigorating and challenging year.

I strongly recommend that senior managers who are committed to public service and wish to grow personally and professionally apply for the Bradford Fellowship.