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The Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance is given to Executive Branch and Higher Education employees of the Commonwealth who have demonstrated exemplary work performance. Giving recognition for outstanding performance is an opportunity for the Commonwealth to say thank you to its employees.

Individuals or groups can be nominated by supervisors, peers, professional colleagues, or others familiar with the person's work. Each agency's Selection Committee then reviews the nominations and final selections are approved by the Agency Head. The number of awards allotted to an agency is based on the total number of employees within the agency.

Administration And Finance And Independent Agencies
Energy And Environmental Affairs
Health And Human Services
Housing And Economic Development
Labor And Workforce Development
Public Safety And Security

Administration And Finance And Independent Agencies

Center for Health Information & Analysis

Betty Harney

Patty McCusker

HSP & Communications Team


Department of Revenue 

Norman Sewell

Lina Jallad

Jean Fairweather

Edward Lauper

Karen Melkonian

Bryan Kingsbury

Karen Rix

John Margarida

Brett Goldberg

Michelle Bessler

Thomas Nowicki

Kazim Ozyurt

Tax Fraud Prevention Group

CSE Customer Service Bureau Team Leaders

DOR Pilot Mediation Project

Cigarette and Tobacco Excise Unit

ETD Conflict of Interest E-Learning Team


Disabled Persons Protection Commission

Oversight Unit


Executive Office for Administration and Finance

ANF IT Mobile Computing Group


Group Insurance Commission

Patricia McDonough


Human Resources Division

Russ Gilfus

Christine Scott

Interagency Taskforce on Veterans Employment

MassHR Project Team


Information Technology Division

Jean Leahy

Dawn Giadone

Don Chamberlain

Accounts Payable Team

MassHR Project Team


Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

Susan Gibson


Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

Pamela Myers

Nancy To

Johny Laine


Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council

Faith Behum


Massachusetts Office on Disability

Robert Dias


Office of the Inspector General

Massachusetts Certified Public Procurement Official Program


Office of the State Comptroller

Steven Beatrice

Jane Christopher

Elizabeth Faherty

MassHR Project Team




Bristol Community College

Donna Ayala

Donald Wood

Margaret Curro

Donna White


Bunker Hill Community College

Mary Beth Barton

Paul Moda

Kathleen O’Neill

Sonia Sharma

BHCC Developmental Mathematics Working Group


Department of Early Education and Care

Christine Burnett

Anne Conners

Family Community Quality Specialist


Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Hadley Cabral

Dianne Curran

Melissa Fogg

James Hartigan

Maura Russell

Office for District and School Turnaround



Department of Higher Education

Sandra Riley

Robert Brun

Vision Project Annual Report Team


Executive Office of Education

Audrey J. Willoughby

Brian W. Philpot


Mount Wachusett Community College

Roland Meunier

Eleanor Gauthier

Cheryl Oliveri

Brett Moultan

Advising Center


Salem State University

Vickie Ross

Patricia Kantorosinski

Matthew McAuliffe

Jason Doviak

Daniel McCue

Stanley Cahill



Energy And Environmental Affairs

Department of Agricultural Resources

Alexander MacDonald

Lorraine O’Connor, D.V.M.

David Webber


Department of Conservation and Recreation

David Goodwin

Timothy Leandro

William McDowell

Barbara Moran

John Skalski

Evelema Strother

Amy Wilmot

West and Central Regions Administrative Team

Middlesex Fells Resource Management Plan Team


Department of Energy Resources

Aimee Powelka

Eric Friedman


Department of Environmental Protection

Mercedes Mitchell

John Fischer

John J. Viola

Fred Civian

Internet Strategies Unit

River Mills BST

Chickley River Enforcement Group

MassDEP Fisherville Mill Team



Department of Fish and Game

Kerry Allard

Lynn Harper

Peter Milanesi

Invertebrate Fisheries Program

Human Resources/Payroll Implementation Team


Department of Public Utilities

Kimberlee Costanza

Angela Motley

Time Matters Team


Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Christian Baker

Kathleen Grant

Timothy Melchione


Health And Human Services

Department of Children and Families 

Colleen Pritoni

Gert Condon

The IFC Response Team

AGO Team for the DCF Connor B Lawsuit

The DCF Worcester West Hotline Team

Boston DCF Nurturing Fathers Group Facilitators


Department of Developmental Services

Catherine Cullen

Karen Cardigan

Robin Harmatz

Denise Donovan

Lisa Rei

Ellen Middleton

Susanne Kingston

Michelle Collin

Susan Graves

Jill Biggar

Joanne L. Galvin

Catherine Hursty

Donald Hardwick

Richard Santucci

Brooke Braaten

Linda Morse

Lowell Rolland Service Coordinators

The Ashland Home

SRS Medical Respite Home

The ISP for Self Advocates Team

Rolland Management Team


Department of Mental Health

Licine Carter

Gary Pastva

Brenda Peterson

Linda Stanton

Paul Lamothe

Judith Taschereau

Brian Osborne

Heidi Krueger

Alan Scott

Taunton State Hospital Leadership Team

Medically Enhanced Unit Team at Tewksbury Hospital

Taunton State Hospital Recovery Integration Team


Department of Public Health

Justine Drinkwater

Janet Farrell

Ellen Flinter

Donna McCrorey

Lisa Mustacchio

Joseph Purtell

Elizabeth Scurria Morgan

Scott Troppy

"Show Me" Tool Development Team

Bureau of Substance Abuse Grant Development Team

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Environmental Services - Evening Shift

Facilities Department Tewksbury Hospital

Family Planning Program

The DPH Mosquito-borne Illness Response Team

The MDPH 4th Generation HIV Assay Implementation Team



Department of Transitional Assistance

Clara Nunes

Sean Boyle

Jenny Campos

Jose Branco

Mayra Torres

Bruce Everitt

Field Operations Support Team

Worcester Transitional Assistance Office

The Chelsea DTA Reception Team


Department of Veterans Services

Interagency Taskforce on Veterans Employment


Department of Youth Services

Nancy Carter

Jessica Oljey

Jeremiah Murphy

Shawn Dias

Lynne Allen

Central Reception Center


Executive Office of Elder Affairs

Lisa Kalimon

Martina Jackson

Long Term Services & Support Field Nurse Reviewers


Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Denise Attwood

Dawn Butler

Brian Dufresne

Dan Chu

Frances Guiney

Maura McMillan


Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Alexander Pooler

Luis Nolasco

MCB Mobile Eye Clinic Team


Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Cher Allen

Congetta Koetteritz

Karen Sawyer


Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Bethany English

Jennifer McNary

Christine Webster

Linda Wiggins

Marketing Strategy Team

MRC Springfield Job Club Team


Soldiers' Home in Chelsea

Daniel Chapman

Yu Xie

Rosa Matias

Gilberto Perez

2013 Blizzard Volunteer Snow Removal Team


Soldiers' Home in Holyoke

Erika Scoble

Kathy Szulc

The Dietary Department



Housing And Economic Development

Department of Business and Technology

Aiden O’Garro


Department of Housing and Community Development

Marta Henriquez

William Holland


Division of Banks

Holly Chase

Mulugheta Isayass

Consumer Assistance Unit



Division of Professional Licensure

Leija Meadows

Helen Peveri

Pam Mogavero


Division of Standards

Dwight Brothers


Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development

Derek Lennon


Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

Demres Diane Roberts


Labor And Workforce Development

Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development

Gary Howe

Marion Smrecek

Hilary Hackbart

Ava Duane

Janet McKenna

Augustine Gonsalves

Brian Peake

OSHA Consultation Program



Public Safety And Security

Department of Fire Services

Jennifer Mieth

Joseph Dupre

Unexploded Fireworks Investigation


Department of State Police

Trooper Mark A. Costa

Brian J. Cunningham

Kerra Huchowski

Kristin M. Ryan

Lori Watkins

Northampton State Police Dispatchers



Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency

Jeffrey Tedesco

Christopher Vreeland


Municipal Police Training Committee

Rose Sauvageau


Sex Offenders Registry Board

Julie Abreu




Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Gerard Bennett

Yvelisse Duverge

Horace Cooper

Philip Shoemaker

Angel Harrington

James Gallagher

Kate LeGrow

MBTA Operations Construction Team

MassDOT University Institute Leads

MassDOT University Institute Advisors

Peter Walworth & the MBTA Construction QA/QC Team


MassDOT - Aeronautics Division

Michael Thompson


MassDOT - Enterprise Services

Mary Geary

Long Range Planning Team

General Services Emergency Response Team

MassDOT Payroll Department




MassDOT - Highway Division

Joseph Breen

Lori Camposeo

Oscar Epstein

Carl Lafreniere

Amer Raza

Michelle Reposa

Daniel N. Vieira

Environmental Compliance Group

Plans & Records Unit

Framingham Route 9 Project Team

HOC Storm Desk Operators


MassDOT - RMV Division

Elena Echols

H. Eric Falcon

Scott Freeman


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