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    Eugene Rooney demonstrated a passion for public service and a sincere respect for those with whom he worked and came into contact with. During his 21 years of public service, he believed that the most important investment was that made in human resources. In this regard, Gene was a true idealist - one who believed in the value of each and every individual.

    As a creative thinker and inspiring leader, Gene worked to build a supportive environment by promoting and fostering learning and development opportunities for thousands of state and municipal government employees. Gene had a special ability to keep focused on the mission of government, while at the same time, keeping in mind the smaller things in a situation - humor, irony and most importantly a personal touch.

    Gene Rooney was a reformer, innovator, mentor and a friend. He left a legacy of enlightenment and caring that serves as an example to us all. Although taken from our midst at too young an age, Gene's spirit and ideals still drive us to excel in the development of human resources, on which the future relies.

    The Massachusetts Legislature established the Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award to recognize employees who have demonstrated creativity and innovation in the area of human resources development and training. Two winners have been selected to receive the award this year.

    2013 Recipients of the Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award

  • Gina Hunt, Northeast Regional Medication Administration Program (MAP) Coordinator

    Department of Developmental Services

  • Ronald G. Marlow, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Access and Opportunity

    Executive Office for Administration and Finance