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Dr. Catherine Brown, DVM, MSc, MPH
Department of Public Health

Dr. Brown is a State Public Health Veterinarian in the Epidemiology Program at the Department of Public Health.  Dr. Brown is a well-respected leader in the public health community and her advice and expertise is well sought after and relied upon.  Although constantly busy and dedicated to the day to day responsibilities of her job, she always makes time to teach others, whether it be the veterinary students, public health interns, epidemiologists within her own program or even those she reports to.  Dr. Brown is very supportive of those who report to her, guiding them in their careers and even arranging a shadowing opportunity with the veterinarians at the Franklin Park Zoo for one of the epidemiologists who expressed an interest in attending veterinary school.  Dr. Brown made such a significant impact on one of her employees that she became a volunteer with the DIGITS program (a sixth grade classroom program aimed at increasing students’ interest in math and science) in hopes that she could be as much of an inspiration to the students as Dr. Brow is to her.


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