Are you interested in becoming SERV VOLUNTEER? 
Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be on your way to an exciting volunteer opportunity.

Step 1: Read the Guidelines and Select an Approved Non-profit

Refer to the list of approved non-profit organizations to ensure it is an eligible organization.

Step 2: Contact the Non-profit

Contact the non-profit to learn more about volunteer opportunities, schedules, background checks/ interview requirements, training and orientation requirements. Review the lists of acceptable and unacceptable activities on the HRD website.

Step 3: Complete a SERV Request Form

Complete a SERV request form at least 30 days in advance of the volunteer date and submit it to your supervisor. Your request will be approved or denied based on agency operational needs. After you receive approval, contact the non-profit to let them know you are approved. You’ll need to complete a request form 30 days prior to each time you want to volunteer.

•         SERV Program Leave Request Form

Step 4: Complete a SERV Verification Form

On the day you complete your volunteer work, have the non-profit sign the verification form. Give the completed form to your supervisor on your next work day.

•         SERV Verification of Volunteer Services Leave