• Break Time for Nursing Mothers doc format of Break Time for Nursing Mothers

    - The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

  • Employment Application doc format of Employment Application

    This is not a general application to apply for employment with the state. It is used when an agency personnel department has requested that a job seeker fill it out when applying for a specific job. - Last Updated : 1/21/2014
  • Legal Holiday Calendar

    A list of legal holidays and the dates on which they will be observed.
  • Manager Code of Conduct rtf format of Manager Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct for Executive Branch managers, issued on June 30, 1997
  • MassHR

    MassHR Alert

    New Security Features for Self-Service Direct Deposit

    Please note there is a new feature in Direct Deposit that incorporates an additional level of security for premium protection.  Starting July 4th, you will be prompted to answer the security question you created when first logging on to self-service before you  can make a change to account information.  In addition, an email confirmation will be sent to acknowledge a change was made to your  direct deposit account. 

    Please check to ensure your email and security answers are up to date for prompt validation of changes.

    The Commonwealth takes security seriously.  If you have any concerns, please contact your payroll department, or, if your agency participates, you can call the  MassHR Employee Service Center, Monday - Friday 6:30 AM - 5:30 PM at 1-617-979-8500 or Toll Free: 1-855-4HR-SPPT (1-855-447-7778) or email at MassHREmployeeServiceCenter@State.MA.US

    The Commonwealth will never send unsolicited emails asking you to provide personal information or direct you to click on a link to validate personal information online (e.g. login ID, password). Immediately report any suspicious emails to your local IT staff.

    Important Notice for TCD Approvers

    Timesheets for TCD employees display excessive hours when shifts are partially approved (a shift where the employee has punched in, but not out, for the day).  If the punch total for a shift displays excessive hours, the employee will not be paid for that shift.  To prevent this, Time Approvers should not partially approve a shift for an employee.  If excessive or incorrect hours appear in the Punch Total field, Time Approvers must press submit and reapprove the entire shift.  For assistance, contact the Employee Service Center at 617-979-8500.

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  • Executive Department Time and Attendance Policy (as of 10/23/12) doc format of Exec. Dept. Time and Attendance Policy

    Revised Policy and guideline for time and attendance records for state employees (10/23/2012)