Please complete one Response Template doc format of    response_template.doc  per series.

The minimum entrance requirement cover sheet xls format of    minimum_entrance_requirements_changes.xls  is here for your convenience to provide a quick reference as to the changes made to the MER's. All changes have been highlighted in red.

Agency Specific Specifications

Executive Office of Administration and Finance - Responses due by 01/15/2010

Accountant, Bureau of Accounts (DOR) pdf format of    accountant_boa_dor.pdf  Child Support Enforcement Specialist pdf format of    child_support_enforcement_specialist.pdf  Child Support Investigator pdf format of    child_support_investigator.pdf  Tax Auditor pdf format of    tax_auditor.pdf  Tax Counsel pdf format of    tax_counsel.pdf
Tax Examiner pdf format of    tax_examiner.pdf

Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development

Executive Office of Education - Responses due by 01/15/2010

Child Care Licensing Specialist pdf format of    child_care_licensing_specialist.pdf

Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs - Responses due by 01/15/2010

Public Utilities Engineer pdf format of    public_utilities_engineer.pdf

Ranger pdf format of    ranger.pdf

Recreation Facilities Supervisor pdf format of    recreation_facilities_supervisor.pdf

Regional Planner pdf format of    regional_planner.pdf

Wildlife Technican pdf format of    wildlife_technician.pdf

Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development - Responses due by 01/15/2010

Court Reporter pdf format of    court_reporter.pdf
(Hearing Stenographer)
Employment Services Representative pdf format of    employment_services_rep.pdf  Job Service Representative pdf format of    job_service_representative.pdf  Job Specialist pdf format of    job_specialist.pdf

Executive Office of Health and Human Services - Responses due by 02/15/2010

Benefits Eligibility and Referral Social Worker pdf format of    benefits_eligibility_and_referral_social_worker.pd  Case Reviewer pdf format of    case_reviewer.pdf  Chauffeur pdf format of    chauffeur.pdf  Clinical Social Worker pdf format of    clinical_social_worker.pdf  Developmental Disability Worker pdf format of    developmental_disability_worker.pdf
Facility Service Worker pdf format of    facility_service_worker.pdf  Habilitation Coordinator pdf format of    habilitation_coordinator.pdf

Human Services Coordinator pdf format of    human_services_coordinator.pdf

Institution Maintenance Foreman pdf format of    institution_maintenance_foreman.pdf  Institution Security Officer pdf format of    institution_security_officer.pdf
Licensed Practical Nurse pdf format of    lpn.pdf  Mental Health Worker pdf format of    mental_health_worker.pdf

Occupational Therapist pdf format of    occupational_therapist.pdf

Physical Therapist pdf format of    physical_therapist.pdf  Physician Specialist pdf format of    physician_specialist.pdf
Psychologist pdf format of    psychologist.pdf  Recreational Therapist pdf format of    recreational_therapist.pdf  Registered Nurse pdf format of    registered_nurse.pdf  Rehabilitation Counselor pdf format of    rehabilitation_counselor.pdf  Residential Supervisor pdf format of    residential_supervisor.pdf

Social Worker pdf format of    social_worker.pdf

Teacher Aide pdf format of    teacher_aide.pdf  Tradesworker pdf format of    tradesworker.pdf  Transportation Officer, DYS pdf format of    transportation_officer_dys.pdf  Vocational Disability Examiner pdf format of    vocational_disability_examiner.pdf

Youth Services Caseworker pdf format of    youth_services_caseworker.pdf

Youth Services Group Worker pdf format of    youth_services_group_worker.pdf

Executive Office of Public Safety & Security - Responses due by 01/15/2010

Armorer pdf format of    armorer.pdf  Elevator Inspector pdf format of    elevator_inspector.pdf  Identification Technician pdf format of    identification_technician.pdf

Industrial Instructor pdf format of    industrial_instructor.pdf

State Police Dispatcher pdf format of    state_police_dispatcher.pdf

Mass DOT - Responses due by 01/15/2010

Bridge Operator pdf format of    bridge_operator.pdf  Customer Service Representative, RMV pdf format of    customer_service_rep_rmv.pdf  Driver's License Examiner pdf format of    drivers_license_examiner.pdf  Engineering Aide pdf format of    engineering_aide.pdf  Highway Repair Foreman pdf format of    highway_repair_foreman.pdf
Right of Way Agent pdf format of    right_of_way_agent.pdf

MULTIPLE AGENCIES - Responses due by 02/15/2010

HRD is encouraging all agencies who have incumbents in these titles to review the draft specification(s) below. Please note that these titles cross various agencies and secretariats; therefore, the content included needs to be as generic and broad as possible.

Accountant pdf format of    accountant.pdf  Administrative Assistant pdf format of    administrative_assistant.pdf

Administrative Review Officer pdf format of    administrative_review_officer.pdf

Administrative Secretary pdf format of    administrative_secretary.pdf

Administrative Services Coordinator pdf format of    administrative_services_coordinator.pdf

Auditor pdf format of    auditor.pdf  Business Management Specialist pdf format of    business_management_specialist.pdf  Buyer pdf format of    buyer.pdf

Chaplain pdf format of    chaplain.pdf

Civil Engineer pdf format of    civil_engineer.pdf

Clerk pdf format of    clerk.pdf

Compliance Officer pdf format of    compliance_officer.pdf  Computer Operator pdf format of    computer_operator.pdf  Construction Coordinator pdf format of    construction_coordinator.pdf

Contract Specialist pdf format of    contract_specialist.pdf

Counsel pdf format of    counsel.pdf

Economist pdf format of    economist.pdf

Environmental Engineer pdf format of    environmental_engineer.pdf

General Construction Inspector pdf format of    general_construction_inspector.pdf

Grants Management Specialist pdf format of    grants_management_specialist.pdf

Housing Program Specialist pdf format of    housing_program_specialist.pdf

Laborer pdf format of    laborer.pdf

Mail Clerk pdf format of    mail_clerk.pdf

Maintenance Equipment Operator pdf format of    maintenance_equipment_operator.pdf

Management Analyst pdf format of    management_analyst.pdf

Motor Equipment Mechanic pdf format of    motor_equipment_mechanic.pdf

Paralegal Specialist pdf format of    paralegal_specialist.pdf

Personnel Analyst pdf format of    personnel_analyst.pdf

Personnel Officer pdf format of    personnel_officer.pdf  Program Coordinator pdf format of    program_coordinator.pdf
Research Analyst pdf format of    research_analyst.pdf  Review Examiner pdf format of    review_examiner.pdf  Typist pdf format of    typist.pdf  Word Processing Operator Series pdf format of    word_processing_operator.pdf