MassHR Is Executive Branch interagency human resources collaboration.  Our collaborative effort aimed at delivering HR services more efficiently using shared service business processes and self-service technologies, and facilitating workforce effectiveness through training, learning and development programs. Between 2008 and 2010, three independent studies of the Commonwealth’s Human Resources function were conducted, by Gartner, the Hackett Group and Accenture.

Common conclusions:

•     HR functions are labor intensive, with a heavy reliance on manual transactions
•     The allocation of resources to high-volume transaction are significantly higher than the industry standard
•     Business processes are inconsistent across the Executive Branch and fail to make use of technology and automation
•     Resources to strategic and workforce enhancement functions that support a high performing workforce are not adequately allocated

On January 26, 2010, Governor Patrick issued Executive Order 517 and charged the Executive Department HR community with implementing a Strategic Plan to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of human resource service delivery.  Our partnership is called MassHR.

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MassHR Initiatives

MassHR Self-Service Time & Attendance (SSTA)

SSTA allows employees to enter time, and supervisors to approve time, directly in the HR/CMS application. This creates significant efficiency in our time and attendance processing. The application will be rolled out in 3 waves: 

•     Rollout #1 (April 2012)
       Multiple 9-5 Agencies representing approximately 700 employees
•     Rollout #2 (July 2012)
      Remaining 9-5 Agencies representing approximately 10,000 employees
•     Rollout #3 (Beginning November 2012)
      Complex Agencies which include Departments that run 24/7 operations, have complex scheduling and/or have labor distribution requirements which is approximately 38,000 employees

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MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC)

The ESC is your first point of contact when you need assistance with Self-Service
Time and Attendance (SSTA). The ESC will be ready to support you in the
following ways: 

•     Identify your employee ID
•     Answer your questions related to SSTA
•     Reset your SS TA password
•     Assist you in entering your time if you cannot get online
•     Assist you with prior pay period adjustments more than one pay period in the past

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MassHR Workforce Enhancement Program

MassHR is working to support the success of Executive Department employees and HR professionals through a series of voluntary development and training programs known as Workforce Enhancement Program. These programs are targeted at maximizing employee potential to achieve organizational goals and better serve the citizens of Massachusetts through many mediums such as classroom training, eLearning and virtual learning. Programs are available to employees across all areas and levels within the Executive Departments. Visit the Workforce Enhancement Program page to learn more. 

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