Time Approvers

Online Timesheets Approvers (Only):

  • Time Approvers of online timesheets do not need to re-validate the balances when you approve the timesheet. They are reduced upon employee time submission. Leave time balances reflect the actual time an employee has available and is eligible to use. The SSTA application validates that the employee has enough leave time when the employee submits the timesheet. If the employee does not have enough time in their balance, they will receive an error and will need to change their time.  Approvers of TCD timesheets should continue to click “Submit” before approving the timesheet.

TCD Time Approvers (Only):

  • Approvers of TCD timesheets should click “Submit” before approving the SSTA timesheets

Time Reporters (Employees)

SSTA - Use of Zeros on Timesheet

When reporting leave time, do not enter zeros on the timesheet for hours worked. The SSTA application recognizes the leave time reported when the timesheet is submitted.

Agencies Serviced by the Employee Service Center (ESC) : Contact the ESC at 1-617-979-8500. TTY users call: (617) 248-0546. By email: MassHREmployeeServiceCenter@State.MA.US

Agencies/Departments Not Serviced by Employee Service Center (ESC) : Employees should contact their HR/Payroll staff.


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