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The Commonwealth Management Certificate Program is designed for Executive Branch managers who want to develop their professional skills and master the latest management concepts and techniques needed to excel in state government.  The program prepares managers to take on management and leadership roles in their organization. It is ideal for those who wish to expand their knowledge and skill set as it relates to general management concepts and practices.

Course of Study:

Building Influential Relationships

Today, changes in demographics, globalization, and technology have revolutionized the nature of work and managing. Managers’ ability to work in this complex environment, capitalize on the various dimensions of differences in their workforce, and influence others is even more critical than ever before. This course examines the impact these external factors are having on the workplace and identifies the skills and knowledge necessary to manage successfully in this brave new world. The role of managerial accountability and its impact on trust and workgroup productivity will also be explored.

Inspiring a Shared Vision

Vision and mission are the stepping stones for clarifying the purpose of an organization, for providing an understanding of why the work is important, and for delineating our measures for success. For leaders, a clear vision helps everyone understand where we’re going and why you're asking them to do something.  In this course, participants will create their vision/mission statements as they relate to the Commonwealth and receive coaching from their colleagues on what to say and how to say it. Participants will craft strategies for communicating their shared visions and for building commitment for their vision within their workgroup and agency. 

Managing Through Conflict to Success

Conflict is a natural dynamic in our interactions with individuals and the building of teams and workgroups. Yet, conflict is something managers traditionally avoid. What’s needed for success today is to shift our paradigm from avoiding conflict to embracing it.  This course presents a framework for enabling this shift in our perception and provides techniques and tools for minimizing resistance and other obstacles to success and maximizing the opportunities for cooperation and collaboration

Organizing for Action 

To convert business objectives into operational reality, managers must be adept at project planning, data collection, information analysis, decision making, and task execution. This course will provide the tools necessary to enhance critical analysis, risk assessment, decision making, resource allocation, project planning, and performance measurement.

HR Conference Day

The CMCP HR Conference Day is a day for managers to ask questions and get answers to some of the more pressing topics in the areas of: Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Building Resiliency/Dealing with difficult Behaviors, Corrective Action and Working with Bargaining Unit Employees. 

Building and Maintaining a Results Oriented Culture
This course provides participants with an understanding of what it means to thrive in a culture where the focus is on outcomes, accountability and excellence. Participants will learn about the link between business objectives and team goals in addition to the organizational and personal benefits of a results-oriented culture. Participants will see their performance from a goal-oriented perspective and understand how this can help the overall performance of their Agencies and work units. The second half of the class will focus on Communications Styles using the 'I Speak Your Language' questionnaire.

Business Process Redesign 
Managers will analyze “As-Is” processes and design “To-Be” processes, taking into consideration change management. An introduction to business process modeling notation and an accompanying framework of process analysis will help participants facilitate workgroups addressing efficiency concerns including adapting to emerging information technologies.

CMCP Final Project Presentations (May)

The final action learning project encourages managers to explore ways on how they can provide better service to the citizens of the Commonwealth, as well as look at how to streamline processes to gain efficiencies in their agencies and allows participants to showcase and incorporate what they have learned in the program.



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