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Important Reminders:

  • You will use the Manager Self Service function in SSTA to review and approve time for Labor Distribution Timesheet users. 
    • Using the Manager Self Service function allows you to view and edit an employee’s time just as you would on your own timesheet. 
  • If you are an approver for a Labor Distribution Timesheet user, you will need to review:
    • Employee’s Reported Time (regular time and leave)
    • Reported Combo Codes
    • Reported User Fields (if applicable)
  • Time approval responsibilities should follow the hierarchical reporting structure of your department.
  • Questions on the use of Combo Codes or User Fields should be directed to your Agency’s Human Resources/Payroll Department.   Combo Codes and User Fields are customizable by individual Agency.
  • Questions regarding time approval policy should be directed to your Agency Human Resources/Payroll Department.
  • If you have questions regarding how to perform time approval transactions, please contact the MassHR Employee Service Center or your Agency Human Resources/Payroll Department.


Manager/Supervisor:  Approving Time for Labor Distribution Timesheet Users

1. Log in to SSTA using your user ID (employee ID) and password.

Click on the MANAGER SELF SERVICE link.

Click on the TIMESHEET link.

3. Use the search selection criteria table to find an employee.  Enter at least the employee’s last name in the Last Name field or leave the search criteria blank if you wish to pull up all the employees that report to you.  Click on the GET EMPLOYEES button.  
4. The search results will populate based on your search criteria.  Select the desired employee in the search results to view the employee’s reported time.   
5. The employee’s timesheet will display. Review and edit the employee’s reported time as applicable. Reference the Employee Timesheet Navigation for detailed timesheet fields definitions.

To approve an employee’s reported time, managers must review the following:

For Employees with Punch Timesheets:

  • REPORTED versus SCHEDULED hours
  • DAY Column
  • DATE Column
  • IN Column
  • MEAL OUT Column
  • MEAL IN Column
  • OUT Column
  • TRC Column
  • DAILY HOURS Column
  • COMBO CODE Column
  • USER FIELDS 1-5 Columns (If applicable)


For employees with Reported Timesheets:

  • REPORTED versus SCHEDULED hours
  • DAY Column
  • DATE Column
  • TRC Column
  • COMBO CODE Column
  • USER FIELDS 1-5 Columns (If applicable)*

*Not all Agencies will use User Fields.  If applicable, your Agency Human Resources or Payroll Department will inform you how to use the User Fields appropriately. If you are required to use a User Field, your Agency may determine which combination of fields to use. For example, you may only need to place an entry in User Field 2. Contact your Agency for more direction.

6. Click the SELECT ALL button to approve every day on the timesheet.  Notice checkmarks will appear in the SELECT column.    Alternatively, you may select each box individually to approve independently.

Click the APPROVE SELECTED button to approve every day on the timesheet.


Click on the OK button to approve the employee’s reported time. 


Click on the OK button on the confirmation page. 


Review the status column in the reported time status table.  Ensure that each day has an approved status.  


Employee Self-Service Login

Last Updated: May 16, 2013

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