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Managers/Supervisors who are time approvers in Employee Self-Service have the ability to delegate their time approval responsibilities to another Manager/Supervisor set up as a time approver for situations in which they will be out of the office or unable to approve their employee’s time.

As an approver, you can delegate to another time approver based on your Agency policy.  You still have the ability to log in to Employee Self-Service and approve your employee’s time during the delegation period and can clear the delegation, if needed .Approvers can  notify other approvers that they have been selected as a delegate via a system generated Employee Self-Service email.


Delegation Functionality in Employee Self-Service

When delegating time approval to another Manager/Supervisor:

  • Inform the Manager/Supervisor of the delegation. They will then need to accept or reject the request in the Review My Delegated Authorities link under  Manage Delegation.
  • Ensure the time approval responsibilities follow the hierarchical reporting structure of your department.  An approver’s manager can access a direct report’s employees without delegation by entering in the direct report’s Group and Department IDs on the Manager’s Dashboard or in Manager Self Service. 
  • Ensure the time approval delegation is only for a set period of time (for example, if you are on vacation).  It is not designed to allow permanent delegation of time approval responsibilities.

Note: Group ID is a system generated number that is tied to your direct report employees and is defaulted on the Time and Labor Workcenter.


During the delegation time period, the delegate will appear on reports as the approver for your employees and will receive system notifications for time approval, if applicable.


Important Reminders:

  • Agency Human Resources or Payroll Offices and the MassHR Employee Service Center will monitor the use of time approval delegation.  
  • The deadline for time approval is each Friday at 12:00PM; if you approve time for employees who work Friday 2nd or 3rd shift, or anytime on Saturday, the deadline for time approval is Sunday at 6:00PM.
1. Log in to Employee Self-Service using your user ID (employee ID) and password. From the Employee Self-Service homepage, click on the MY TEAM tab. Next Click on the MANAGE DELEGATION link located in the MANAGER LINKS box.
2. In the middle of the page, click the CREATE DELEGATION REQUEST link.

Note: If you have multiple Commonwealth jobs, refer to step 3 and 4.  If you do not, proceed to step 5.

A table listing your job records is displayed. The table is arranged in 4 columns of information and a row for each job. The columns are:

TITLE: The title of your job displayed as a link.
: The employee record number that is tied to your job.
: The position number that is tied to your job.
DEPARTMENT: The department that is tied to your job. 

4. Select the job record you want to delegate approvals for by selecting the TITLE link of the correct job.

The Create Delegation Request Page will display. 

Enter the dates for your delegation request. Enter a FROM DATE that is today or later. Enter a TO DATE that is the same as or later than your From Date.  Click the NEXT button.

6.Select the transactions that you want to delegate to a proxy. You can select one or many transactions. Click the NEXT button.
7.The page displays persons within your hierarchy that you can select as proxies. Select the radio button next to the name to select that person as a proxy or you can also select the SEARCH BY NAME hyperlink to search for proxies outside your hierarchy. In the LAST NAME search field, enter the last name of the person to whom you wish to delegate time approval and click the SEARCH button. Select the radio button next to the name to select that person as a proxy. Click the NEXT button.
8.Confirm the Delegation detail and Click the SUBMIT button.
9.You will receive confirmation that the delegation request was submitted. Refer to the REVIEW MY PROXIES page under MANAGE DELEGATION to view the status of the request.
10. The proxy you selected will now have the ability to ACCEPT or REJECT your Delegation request in their MANAGE DELEGATION page under REVIEW MY DELEGATED AUTHORITIES page. They may reject the request. However, after they accept the request, they will have to contact either you or a system administrator to revoke the request.


Employee Self-Service Login

Last Updated: April 25, 2015