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Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the MassHR Self-Service Time and Attendance (SS TA) application will be live and operational in ten (10) agencies beginning Wednesday, April 25th!  At the same time, the MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC) – a new model for providing time reporting inquiry support – will be launched to assist employees in participating agencies. On the day of “go live,” employees participating in the first rollout will begin entering their time online. Our training session for HR/Payroll staff and the Employee Service Center team has gone well, and our focus on agency readiness activities is helping to ensure a successful launch of SS TA on April 25th!

The success of this implementation is a direct result of the collaboration and partnership of the entire HR and Payroll community. Your participation in business requirements sessions and in various workgroups has helped to guide the design and development of the SS TA application and the business operation of the ESC. 

The MassHR Project Team extends our thanks to all of our colleagues across the Executive Departments, Independent Agencies and Constitutional Offices.

Our goal is to get the right information to you at the right time.  To be successful, we need to hear from you.  All feedback is welcome!  If you have questions, comments, or an idea for an article, please send an email to

Have a great day,

MassHR Communications Team


  • Communications

Stay updated with “Count Down to Go Live” messages for April roll-out agencies.

  • Training

Online learning courses are available for all employees of April roll-out agencies. Visit and click on “MassHR Training Opportunities and Support Tools”.

  • Implementation

SS TA and ESC “Go-live” April 25th for the following agencies:

Executive Department Agencies

    • Executive Office for Administration and Finance
    • Department of Elder Affairs
    • Department of Energy Resources
    • Department of Veterans Services
    • Health Care Finance and Policy
    • Human Resources Division
    • Office for Refugees and Immigrants
    • Operational Services Division
    • Sex Offender Registry Board

Independent Agencies

    •  Office of Comptroller

In this issue…

HR/CMS Changes Affecting All Users: What You Need to Know

Online Timesheets with Self-Service Time and Attendance

MassHR Employee Service Center: Your First Point of Contact



MassHR Communications Lead
Deidre Travis Brown

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HR/CMS Changes Affecting All Users: What You Need To Know

When Self-Service Time and Attendance (SS TA) goes live, all HR/CMS users – whether using SS TA or not – will see changes in both the areas used for entering and updating Position Data and Job Data, and with the reports and online tools that enable HR/Payroll staff to predict, track, and identify errors in employee paycheck and payroll funding data.

What’s Changing?

Position and Job Data

HR/CMS users will see several changes to the screens associated with Position and Job Data, including the following:

    • Implementation of Organizational Chart through use of the “Reports To” field on Position Data. The ability to roll-up time approval to a level above manager/supervisor is available through use of the “Not a Time Approver” field on Position Data;
    • An expanded number of predefined assigned work schedules, including the introduction of start and end times of the work day; and
    • Implementation of employee email address for HR/CMS-generated notices and re-emphasis of the need for an employee email address in HR/CMS.

Payroll Reports

The timing of pre-payroll iterative processing in HR/CMS will impact the reports and tools used to fix errors prior to payroll running. Today, payroll reports are refreshed nightly and show “as is” information. In the future, payroll reports will be based on forecasted information (using employee standard work schedule) for the first portion of the pay period, and then on actual reported time data (as of close of business Monday and Thursday) for the second portion of the pay period. New reports also will be added.

The result of the changes is that information on reports will differ depending on the day of the pay period. For example, while online review of gross-to-net calculations of paycheck data for deductions can occur daily, special payments, such as cash-outs, cannot be viewed until the second Tuesday of the pay period (and again on the second Friday of the pay period and the day before payroll).

Want More Information?

You may access a Resource Document in the HR/CMS Knowledge Center called “HR/CMS Changes” for more detail.

The April 12th Special Payroll Users Group (PUG) meeting featured a detailed discussion of the upcoming changes. For those who were unable to attend the PUG, a recording of the meeting is available on the MassHR website (


Online Timesheets with Self-Service Time and Attendance

What’s the difference between “Punch Time” and “Reported Time” Timesheets?

Self-Service Time and Attendance (SS TA) enables employees to enter and submit their time online, in online timesheets. There are two types of online timesheets – “Punch” and “Reported” – and all employees and contractors are assigned by their agency to use one or the other to submit their time. For most SS TA employees, their online timesheet will be pre-populated with their standard work schedule. Both types of online timesheets support the same functions: reporting time, viewing leave balances, monitoring time approval status, and navigating back and forth in time either to make prior pay period adjustments or to enter future time. The Punch and Reported online timesheet simply look a little different, and enable the capture of different levels of time reporting detail.

The “Reported” Timesheet: (See Figure1 below)

    • Lists each day of the week in a row from left to right
    • Has a single data entry box under each day containing total hours work for that day
    • Does not reflect time in and time out detail

Reported Timesheet

Image of Self-Service Time and Attendance Reported Timesheet.

The “Punch” Timesheet: (See Figure-2 below)

    • Lists each day of the week in a column from top to bottom
    • Has four data entry boxes for each day containing time in, meal time out, meal time in, and time out
    • Reflects time in and time out detail

Punch Timesheet

Image of Self-Service Time and Attendance Punch Timesheet.


Both online timesheets provide employees the flexibility of updating time reporting information, adding rows (if necessary) to report different types of time (i.e., vacation or sick) using standard Time Reporting Codes (TRCs), and adjusting their time one pay period in the past.


MassHR Employee Service Center: Your First Point of Contact

MassHR Employee Service Center

The MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC) will benefit Commonwealth employees, secretariats, and agencies by offering a single point of contact for time and attendance inquiries, a focus on customer service, and a case management system to support timely resolution of employee inquiries. 


The ESC will be ready to help you:

    • Reset your SS TA password;
    • Enter your time, if you can not get online
    • To complete adjustments to prior pay periods (more than one pay period in the past)
    • With questions related to SS TA

The ESC will be located in two sites.  The permanent location for the first site is on the 6th floor of the Hurley Building, located at 19 Staniford Street, Boston.  Identification of a location for the second site is currently underway



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