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Important Reminders:

  • If you are a labor distribution employee, you will need to report your time worked and identify time spent on specific projects on your timesheet. This is done by assigning hours worked to various COMBO CODES and/or User Fields.
  • A unique COMBO CODE is assigned to each project or account.  By selecting a combo code, your hours worked will be charged to that specific project or account.  The process of choosing a combo code is very similar to choosing a time reporting code.
  • Some Agencies may utilize the User Fields on the labor distribution timesheet. To help you identify the correct User Fields, each one will begin with the 3-character department code,
  • If you have questions about which combo code to report, please contact your Agency’s Human Resources or Payroll Department.  
  • Your Employee Self-Service timesheet is considered your official Commonwealth attendance record.
  • If you need assistance with reporting regular time, please contact the MassHR Employee Service Center (ESC) or your Agency Human Resources/Payroll Department if you are a part of a non-ESC Agency. 
1.Login to Employee Self-Service with your user ID (employee ID) and password.
2.From the Employee Self-Service homepage, click on the TIMESHEET link located in the QUICK LINKS menu box.
3.Your timesheet will be displayed, pre-populated with your regular work schedule.
4.If you are a labor distribution employee, you will need to report your time worked and identify time spent on specific projects on your timesheet. This is done by assigning hours worked to various COMBO CODES.
Note:  If you do not have a COMBO CODE to enter, skip to step 11 to enter a User Field.  You may need to enter a COMBO CODE, a User Field, or both.  Check with your Agency’s Human Resources/Payroll Department if you have questions about which to use.
5.Adjust your hours worked in the existing row to reflect your time worked on a specific project (i.e., if you worked 2 hours from 9:00AM-11:00AM on a specific project on Monday, change your IN and OUT times in the pre-populated schedule for Monday).
6.To add time worked on another project, scroll to the right of the timesheet page and click the ADD A ROW (+) icon.
An Important Reminder:   Please notify your manager any time you add/delete a row and make changes to your timesheet after it has been approved (check the status column on your timesheet to confirm whether or not your manager has approved your time).  Your manager must review and approve your edited timesheet.  Failure to notify your manager of changes may result in inaccurate pay.

In the newly added row, enter your time worked on the second project that day by adding another IN and OUT time.  

For example, if you worked 11:00AM-12:00PM on a project on Monday, put an IN time of 11:00:01 (note that your IN time cannot be exactly the same as your OUT time from the previous row, so you will need to add one second to the time).  To balance your reported hours, record an OUT time of 12:00:01PM.
Illustrative Example:

Image example showing that the employee MUST have adifferent Punch In and Out times and that they cannot be the same.

8.Scroll to the right and find the COMBO CODE column, and click on the magnifying glass icon in the appropriate row.  
9.This opens the LOOK UP COMBO CODE dialogue box. Scroll through the combo code values and select the appropriate COMBO CODE.
You will need to repeat this step for each row added.
10.Notice the COMBO CODE field has been populated with the selected COMBO CODE.  
11.Next, if instructed by your agency, you will need to select USER FIELDS by scrolling to the right. Labor distribution timesheets have five columns entitled USER FIELD 1, USER FIELD 2, USER FIELD 3, USER FIELD 4 and USER FIELD 5.  User Fields further drill down time worked on a particular project and can charge time to specific tasks or other accounts.  Instructions on the appropriate use of USER FIELDS will be communicated to you by a representative from your agency. 
Note: If you do not have user fields to enter, you can review your timesheet for accuracy and submit.
12.Repeat steps 6-11 as necessary.
13.If you have no changes, click the SUBMIT button to route your timesheet for approval to your supervisor or manager.  
14.The SUBMIT CONFIRMATION page will display.  By clicking the OK button on this page, you are certifying your attendance record.  
15.Review your REPORTED HOURS and SCHEDULED HOURS information above your timesheet.  If your reported hours are less than your scheduled hours, please review your timesheet for accuracy.  
16.Review the REPORTED HOURS SUMMARY table for accuracy.
17.Review the STATUS column in the REPORTED TIME STATUS table.  Notice that the value in the status column is now NEEDS APPROVAL.  After your manager/supervisor reviews and approves the time you submitted, the status will change to APPROVED.  



Click on the SIGN OUT link to log out of Employee Self-Service.


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Last Updated: April 25, 2015